Rental Bikes

Model Description Cost to Rent Reservations


FX 7.3

A best-of-both-worlds combination of road bike speed and city bike comfort and versatility. $25/Day Call Ahead or Walk-ins



An upright seating position that lets you explore by bike and plant your feet flat on the ground whenever you want, it sets a new standard in comfort and control.  $25/Day Call Ahead or Walk-ins


Townie Go

A battery-powered, pedal-assist bike that lets you ride like the wind without breaking a sweat. $45/Day Call Ahead or Walk-ins

Origin 8

Amarok XLT

A made to access adventure machine. Its 4.9" tires give you traction on even the most unsettling of trails. $35/Day Call Ahead or Walk-ins



Tandem bicycle with comfort and performace that will keep any duo riding all day long. $65/Day Call Ahead or Walk-ins


Emonda ALR 5

The Émonda ALR offers elegance on a new level, far surpassing the lightness and performance of many of its carbon competitors. $45/Day Call Ahead or Walk-ins


Lexa SLX

Lexa is a light, fast women's road bike. This is the perfect choice for those looking for a fast moving machine. $45/Day Call Ahead or Walk-ins


Cali SL

Cali is a fun, versatile mountain bike for women. It's capable, confident, and offers a range of models to suit your style on the trail. $35/Day Call Ahead or Walk-ins


Kid's Dual Sport

DS Series is the ultimate hybrid: part refined city bike, part adventurous trail ride. Fast, capable suspension, and a light, strong frame make DS the go-anywhere choice. $25/Day Call Ahead or Walk-ins