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Meet the Staff

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Sales Associate | Service Technician

Maciej Nowak, General Manager

(pronounced Ma-chay)

Specialty in the store: wearing many hats!

  • Roller Ski and Nordic Ski fitting
  • Bike service and ski service 
  • Expert advice on anything, from getting kids on bikes, to building exquisite road or mountain bike machines.

Maciej's has competed in many styles of races -- Velodrome, road, cyclocross, 24-hour races, mountain biking, and gravel.

His winter specialties are classic skiing and fat bike shreddin'.

Maciej most enjoys solving customers bike fit issues or setting folks with new ski equipment. 

Favorite event: I‘m so old I have done too many to pick one favorite. Trans Iowa 350 Gravel Race, Guatemala El Rero del Quetzal Mountain Bike stage race, Car Zach Crit in Waukesha all make it to the top of the list. 

Biggest accomplishment: Perhaps I could start by naming races and podium finishes but I think that being a busy parent of 7 year old twin boys and not screwing up too much is my biggest accomplishment ;) 

Kyle Warras, Sales Manager

Specialty in the store: 

  • High end product in road and mountain categories 
  • Custom bikes, upgrades, and high performance clothing/gear. 
  • Bike fitting, and product photography.

Kyle most enjoys fast road rides and adventurous cyclocross riding. When mountain biking, Kyle rides with a group, either as fast as possible or more of a leisurely shred. The best stories usually come from mountain biking.

Ask Kyle about:

The benefits of good bike fit and the effect it will have on their riding experience. Getting feedback relating to how great a customer feels after working with them in the fit studio is the best. Same for skis - Kyle believes in making sure you have the perfect equipment for your skiing goals. 

Favorite event:

World Cup Waterloo. I've raced a couple editions of the Trek CX Cup, and always look forward to watching the best in the world race only an hour from home.

Biggest accomplishment: 25th at the 17-18 Junior Men's Cat 1 cross country mountain bike national championship race (2010) - Granby, CO.

You may see young faces at Bicycle Doctor. Don't be fooled! They know their stuff! 

Our goal is to give every kid, no matter how young or old, a great experience on a bike.