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Order Nutrition

What keeps us cruising? 

Bike Doc Managers have packaged up the nutrtition that gets them through a week.

We're a competitive crew at Bicycle Doctor, so we'll keep tally and see whose package wins. 

To pay for your nutrition package or exchange flavors, call the shop. Plan to pick up your nutrition package at the shop! 

We generally stock the following:

Honey Stinger Waffles: Vanilla, Honey, Chocolate, & Mint Chocolate with additional temporary flavors

Energy Chew Brands: Honey Stinger & Pro Bar Bolt Chews

Shot Blocks: Margaritia, Citrus, Ginergeraid, Tropcial Punch, Stawberry, & Salted Watermelon

SIS Gels: Raspberry

Anderson's Maple Syrup: Pure Fuel

We have so many GU gels and some gels by CLIFF.


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