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Roller Skis

Champions are made in the Off Season

Roller Skis & Accessories

We carry Swenor Roller Skis because our testing has shown that their wheels give the most similar effect to snow skis. 

Our array of accessories - from different wheel speeds, to roller ferrules, to G-Form protection, to lights for visibility - make the Bicycle Doctor your one-stop shop for your roller ski set-up. 

We'll give you special Doc pricing on all of our roller skis!

Swenor Fiberglass Classic #2 & #3 Wheels | Doc's Price $369.99

Swenor Carbon Classic #2 Wheels | Doc's Price $329.99

Swenor Alutech Cassic #2 & #3 Wheels | Doc's Price $299.99

Swenor Skate Elite #2 Wheels | Doc's Price $329.99

Swenor Skate Aluminum | Doc's Price $249.99

Additional Brands

Fischer RC7 Aluminum Skate | Doc's Price $229.99

V2 Aero XL Skate | $349.99

Take a Lesson!

Take a lesson with Kettle Moraine Adventure Company!

Instructor Dan La Blanc will ensure that your investment pays off during ski season this winter.

Learn more here: 

Fitness, Fun & Friends

Ever wondered "why roller ski," or "how do I get started"? Eric was a cycling and nordic ski customer of ours before he began roller skiing. He tells it best.

“Your technique and movements on roller skis are so closely aligned to the movement on snow. Because of this, you really sense your progress and strengthening! 

I get to roller ski in the confines of beautiful spaces that allow me to get my nature fix as well.”

Eric started roller skiing with a hand-me-down pair of old V2 aluminum rubber wheel skis.

Eric says, “I felt the benefit and enjoyed it, knowing right away I wanted to invest in a nice pair. I bought my first pair of Swenor Elite skis at the Bike Doc in 2018 and love them.

I am able to develop the specific muscle group in my legs and arms further than I ever had running or biking."

Make Friends.

Moreover, Eric says, the social component is just as fulfilling: “Those that roller ski tend to be nordic ski enthusiasts which leads to great relationships and connections made. I have met good friends getting out on roller skis.” 

He advises following Lapham Peak Ski Club on Facebook for group ski outings.There are plenty of friendly people in the ski community in Lake Country that would be happy to help a beginner out with tips.

How do I get started?

Eric says, “I started out slow and cautious. Do not rush it, the speed will come later. There is risk involved with roller skiing like any new sport that takes you to pavement and roads. I suggest a brake or speed reducer for anyone's first pair of roller skis. I also suggest wearing the G Force elbow and knee pads, and helmet of course."

"The first several times going out I would unclip and walk down hills that I easily roll down now. I have had a handful of instances where I would roll into a lawn or ditch for a soft landing." 

"Don't worry about how you look. Safety first!”

Eric’s nine-year-old son has tried out the old aluminum roller skis. He will be sticking to roller blades with poles for a while, but looks forward to keeping up with his dad!