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Ski Wax Service

Per Layer Wax Options and Pricing

Standard Wax Per Layer - $35.99

  • One layer of HydroCarbon (HC) Wax

Standard + LF - $45.99

  • One layer of HydroCarbon (HC) + One Layer of Low Fluoro (LF)

LF + HF - $75.99

  • One Layer of Low Fluoro (LF) + One Layer of High Fluoro (HF)

Race Wax - $89.99 

  • One Layer of Low Fluoro (LF) + One Layer of High Fluoro (HF) + Pure Fluoro Top Coat

Kick Prep - $29.99

  • Clean Ski, Sand Kick Zone, Iron in Green Base Wax

Birkie Wax Service Information**

Just what the Doctor Ordered! We've got the prescription for your best Birkie ever. Stay tuned for 2021 information.  

People trust The Bicycle Doctor!

I was very impressed with the prep/wax job you did on my fisher skate skis. My skis were very fast and in fact I had my best Korte time ever with minimal training. Impressed how well you were able to select the appropriate waxes for the big Birkie race day. Love the convenience of just picking up the skis and heading up to the race without having the worries and hassles of waxing the night before the race.

I have done 15 Birkie's and 5 Korte's now and only wish I would have known of your pre-race waxing service sooner. As long as I can continue race the Birkie, I will definitely have the Bicycle Doctor prep my skis!"

-Bill Wagner