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Welcome to the Birkie Guide!

February 2023

It's a weekend for everyone!

There is more to Birkie week than the full length race - shorter distance races (Kortelopet and Prince Haakon), Parabirkie, Barnebirkie, and Junior Birkie attract all Nordic skiers. There is a less competitive, Open Track approach to the main events to kick off the beginning of Birkie week.

Even the dogs!

In the event known as the Barkie Birkie - Skijoring combines cross country skiing with dog power. The skier is attached to his/her dog with a belt and towline. The dog then runs ahead as the skier skis. Skijoring is a team sport which allows both human and canine counterparts to exercise and enjoy the great outdoors.

You've done the training, we'll do the waxing for you!

Personalized service you can trust for your big day. Our expert wax techs use the highest quality block and liquid waxes that have been thoroughly tested and vetted for the best performance. We make it easy for you to drop off skis and pick them up at our store before traveling to the north woods. Please reference our race wax service checklist below.

1. Drop-off deadline

Sunday, February 19th

The last day to check-in your skis for our race wax service

Race wax service cost: $93

More info

2. Logistical Information

Our race wax service is unique to the conditions you will experience. We make a note of the following when you drop off your skis:


-Start time

-Wave number

-What day you plan to pick them up

*We will accommodate your travel plans to have your skis prepared before you leave town. We apply the top finish coat of wax as late as possible with feedback from our wax rep who will be testing different waxes on the snow in Hayward.

3. Race Day

You've picked up your skis that have been meticulously prepared for your race and you are driving up to Hayward/Cable area. Save your skis for race day and bring an extra set of skis if you plan to do any skiing before race day. 

On the day of the race, have confidence in knowing that you have the best wax on your skis for what you are about to do. Your training has come full circle and you made it to the start line - have fun racing to the finish line!

Pre-Birkie Waxing Clinic

Saturday, February 11th

Start time: 4:00pm

Location: Bicycle Doctor

For the DIY wax techs out there who just don't get enough repetition at home, this is for you! Small group instruction provided by our very own expert wax tech, Nick. 

Featuring Ben Lund

As a wax tech rep for Toko, Ben has waxed countless skis for the Birkie and advised wax techs about best practices for preparing skis. He is highly involved and knowledgeable with ski testing with the newest non-fluorocarbon waxes. 

Birkie History

The American Birkebeiner is the biggest ski marathon in North America. Annually, over 10,000 skiers come to Northern Wisconsin to race the distance that Norwegian Birkebeiners skied baby Prince Haakon, heir to the throne, across varying terrain to escort him away from the opposing rule of power who wanted to remove the royal family's lineage and claim rule of the region. The daring and successful mission set up the prince to become king, who united Norway after 1000 years of civil war. 

Read the official release from the American Birkebeiner Ski Foundation

The first American Birkebeiner