Doc's Brevet:

Bingo by Bicycle

We have the ticket to fun in the unknown conditions of Wisconsin Spring. 

Get your training outside exploring Lake Country, Kettle Moraine and beyond with Bingo by Bicycle. Score by visiting some of our favorite places - from restaurants, to breweries, to scenic points of interest we've carefully selected for your Brevet score card. 

You have a week to ride and collect receipts or photos to score bingo - any five-in-a-row combination. 

Win spring-centric prizes, including a Level 2 bike tune-up!

Participants receive a Brevet-only custom Bicycle Doctor Wool Jersey.

Made of merino wool, this jersey is perfect for Wisconsin Spring...and maybe even summer. Spring road grit and gravel mud wipes right off. Damp, wet days won't stop you. You'll feel warm when you set out on the bike and stay comfortable even when putting forth maximum effort. Give it a wash and wear it to your next dinner party.

Only available to registered riders. This jersey will not otherwise be available for purchase. Jersey order will be placed March 1st, the sign up deadline. View sizing details. 

Saturday April 25 - Saturday May 2

Score card reveal during packet pick up. Let the route planning begin! 

Packet pick up: Friday, April 25 - Saturday, April 25.

Ride: Kick off your ride any time on April 25th. 

Scoring: Bingo cards will be scored at 4:00pm on Saturday, May 2 at the Bicycle Doctor. View sample bingo card.

Earn your points in one day, one weekend, or all week. Ride with friends or on your own. Make your own adventure! 

Registration - $120

Includes custom wool jersey, bingo scorecard, and entry to win prizes.

Registration closes March 1.


To win

To contend for the overall win, you must complete a starred 5-in-a-row Bingo. Additional points may be secured with additional 5-in-a-row completions. Riders with the highest level of Bingo completion (rated on scorecard) + most Bingo completions by 4:00pm Saturday, May 2 wins. 

Dos & Don'ts

Must begin and end your ride at your home or the Bicycle Doctor. We have our methods of knowing. Don't cheat - there's an honor code for events like this and we expect you to play fair! 

A receipt or photo related to each bingo space must be provided in order to qualify for a bingo win. Photo must include you or your bike and an identifying factor of the location. If you're not sure it's identifying, it probably isn't.

Submit your photos and receipts online or at the shop by 4:00pm Saturday, May 2nd in order to win. 

Have fun. This is no ordinary brevet. 


1st, 2nd, & 3rd place prizes.

Staff choice awards for best bike lean photo & most creative Bicycle Doctor jersey photo.