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The Bicycle Doctor community has many faces. 

Pictured: Forced photo during pizza break on the record-breaking bike build day

During the summer, our staff starts to skew even younger with high school and college help. Don't let age fool you - they are central to who we are as a shop!

In Service, our high school mechanics are fully capable of diagnosing your bikes’ illnesses on the spot. They can give any style of bike – from road to mountain to hybrid – a full tune-up. 

They even build the new bikes. 

This spring, our team of mechanics completed a record number of 16 bike builds and did 25 full tune-ups in just one day! We couldn’t do it without them.

This young community extends outside the shop as well.

Our goal is to give every kid, no matter how young or old, a great experience on a bike. 

Gus’s story is a perfect example of why we do what we do, and what makes us love working at the shop.

Gus and his dad dropped in before a trip up to Copper Harbor hoping that Shane, Bike Doctor’s head mechanic, might have time to do some quick adjustments on Gus’s bike. 

Shane took a look at the bike and started sharing with Gus about his favorite trails in the Harbor.

Pictured: Shane & Gus with Gus's shredding machine!

When Gus came back, he was stoked to tell Shane all about his adventure and his favorite trails. 

Gus even got into the details of bike capability, sounding just like a future shop employee! I asked Gus to put it in his own words:

"I had lots of fun riding in Copper Harbor. Some of my favorite memories and trails include the Flow, and Daisy Dukes. Those trails were fun because of the berms, and wind-y downhills. 

Some of the challenges were the uphill trails, but it was still fun because I knew we had to get the hills to access the downhills. 

There are trails for all levels of experience. I rode a hardtail and that worked just fine. But one day I rented a Full Suspension bike and it was great for the rough stuff but much heavier up the hills. 

We camped at Fort Wilkens Campground and it was close to the trails which was great. Overall, I had a great time Mountain biking in Copper Harbor!”

Next time you’re in the shop on a weekend, say “hi” to Jamison, Lucas and Lucca, our high school mechanics.

Consider signing your kids up for NICA youth mountain bike teams. 

Get stoked when you see young people hitting the trails with their bikes. 

Help the neighbor kid fix their bike. Let’s spread riding enthusiasm! 

The Local NICA Mountain Bike Team

The youngest edition to one of the group rides - the Super B's!