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Start your off-road adventure here

Let us be your Guide. 

Tell us about your goals; your aspirations – what does the ride of your dreams look like? 

Whether you want to shred KOM’s at Emma Carlin or top the UCI Downhill Podium, we have your back: let us help you get where you want to go!

No matter who you talk to, the staff at Bike Doc have a wealth of experiences to share. Read more here

Make your ride YOURS

Are OEM bikes just too bland for your taste, or do you just appreciate the finer things in life? Let us talk you through custom options for your bike! 

With paint just the way you like it through My Orbea and Trek's Project One, and options for a head-to-toe overhaul for every component on your bike, we have you covered.

Don't Sleep on Suspension

With the nearly infinite configurations for your bike’s suspension, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. 

Feel free to ask about the latest tech or how to get your bike absolutely dialed. We’ve covered some in our Mountain Bike Journal, but give us a call or stop on by to learn more!

New to Trails? No Sweat! 

Are you looking to get into mountain biking for the first time? There’s a lot to know, and the last thing you want is to be worried about your bike while you are first conquering new trails. 

Trek’s Roscoe is the perfect bike for new riders! Agile, quick, forgiving, and confidence-inspiring, we can set you up on a slick new bike for your slick new hobby.

Pedal with Power

You don’t have to be Superman to enjoy some long days on the bike, but hop on an e-bike, and you can certainly feel like it! 

Do you get tired after a lap at your local trails, but just want to get out and see more? Do you have the call of the wild in your heart but fatigue in your legs? Then an e-bike is the ride for you! 

Cover more ground and have more fun on your mountain bike, and let us set you up on a bike to get you out and about on more trails and more distance than ever before!

Complete your ride with 100% Clothing

Men's and Women's jerseys & shorts available.