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Peak Nordic Kids Ski Fitting -  December 5th between 3:00 & 6:30

For those families who wish to rent skis for the season, please contact us to schedule a time to come in and fill out the "fit" information on the Ski Rental Form. Please allow approximately 10-15 minutes per child. We will have them try on ski boots (wearing ski socks), take metric pole measurements & weights "dressed to ski". Please e-mail or call 262-965-4144. After we have all the numbers for rental equipment we will put together skis, poles & boots labeled for each junior skier and then let the parent's know that they can pick-up and pay for their equipment. Pricing ranges from $125.00 to $225.00 depending on if they need boots larger than size 42 or weigh more than 110 lbs. Sizes vary between brands.