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Your Last Rest Stop on the Ride Across Wisconsin 2022 Route

We are "over the top" excited to be an official sponsor of RAW 2022 ---- AND the last rest stop before the finish in Milwaukee!

Saturday August 20th: 1 day riders

Sunday August 21st: 2 day riders

Our rest stop will come near the end of a very long ride, so our goal is to provide a relaxed atmosphere and the necessities long distance cyclists crave within easy reach to power through to the finish. Our growing list of rest stop features will include:

-Two portable restrooms and hand washing station

-Skratch Labs hydration and refueling station

-Caffeine and cafe food for sale at the Mama D's Coffee trailer

-Potatoes prepared by Ella's Public House

-Bonk Breaker Energy Bars and Chews

-Massage relief $1.50/minute 10-15 minute session by Drumlin Massage Therapy (Sunday only) 

-Bike repair/service

-Chain lube station/clinic