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Nutrition Corner


Everyone has a different nutrition plan. The best approach is to do your research and try it out - before race day.

We're here to help you out. Our managers have put together packages of their favorite nutrition. Give one of the four packages a whirl & see what works for you.

Nutrition that gets us through the week.

Try our Managers' favorite fuels.

The Shane

Most important are the Endurolytes. With Salt, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Manganese, these cramp-preventing nutrition pills are helpful in for many endurance athletes.

If Shane remembers to grab nutrition before he hits the trails, he'll stow a snack in his bibs - Pro Bars, Honey Stinger chews, SIS gel, or some Anderson's Maple Syrup are his favorites.

What you get: Hammer Endurolytes, Pro Bar Meal, Chews, SIS (or other) Gel for $32.50

The Kyle

Dialed by Kyle ... even with nutrition. 

Meal replacement? Have a Pro Meal Bar. Nutrition for a fast-paced workout? A shot block or Hoppy Trails GU will do the trick.

Science in Sport (SIS) is his new favorite brand. They mix energy & electrolytes with fluid in an easy-to-consume pouch. You don't even need water to wash it down.

Pro-tip by Kyle: drizzle an Anderson's Maple Syrup gel in the middle of a Honey Stinger Waffle sandwich.

What you get: 2 Honey Stinger Waffles, 1 Pro Bar, 1 Skratch Hydration Serving, 1 shot block package, 1 Anderson's Maple Syrup, 1 SIS Gel, 1 Hoppy Trails (or other) GU for $19.14

The Maciej

Maciej powers through it. 

A little bit of sugar, caffeine, and electrolytes will get him through to his finish line reward - a beer. 

His favorites are the Honey Stinger Waffle, Espresso Love GU, Anderson's Pure Fuel Maple Syrup & Skratch Lemon Lime Hydration.

His twin boys LOVE Honey Stinger Chews. We'll throw two of those in your package for your tag-along company.

What you get: 1 Waffle, 1 Anderson's Maple Syrup, 1 Espresso Love GU, 1 Skratch Hydration Single Serving, 2 Honey Stinger Chews for $13.60

The Megan

Bonking is real. For a ride or run after work, Megan always throws Perpetuem in her water bottle and brings gel (for insurance). 

For long distance weekends of three or more hours, Megan snacks on something almost every hour, munching on energy chews and chips out of her bicycle bar bag. The protein in Perpetuem makes fueling even easier - just a couple sips of hydration rather than wrestling with wrappers. 

What you get: 2 Perpetuem Single Serve packages, 2 Honey Stinger Waffles, 3 Honey Stinger Energy Chews, and 1 gel for $21.73.

Order Skratch - right to your door. Free shipping!

Skratch Labs creates nutritional supplements from real, wholesome ingredients. For the label-readers out there, this is the sports nutrition for you. Their website tells it best. Now you can order Skratch products from Bicycle Doctor & have them shipped from Skratch's warehouse right to your door! 

Thank YOU & and thanks to Skratch for supporting local businesses! 

New Flavors & Old Standbys

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Now you're race ready! No bonking.