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Swenor Alutech Classic
Very stable roller ski. Lightweight aluminum frame. Wheel Diameter: 70 mm Wheel Width: 45 mm Weight: 2100 g / pair Length: 720 mm
Swenor CarbonFibre Classic
For Featherweights: On-snow feel in the lightest and lowest ski. Carbon composite shaft and small wheels. Best for skiers less than 140 lbs (64 kg).
Fischer Carbonlite Classic
$339.99 $369.99 8% Off
The Carbonlite Classic version of the rollerski with integrated backstop. The material of the newly developed Air Core Composite frame makes for an extremely smooth ride and ski-like feeling. Plus: large axle centre distance for good ground contact of the front wheel - the best possible tracking!
Swenor Fibreglass
$349.99 $359.99 3% Off
Body made of wood and fiberglass. Excellent vibration damping. A bestseller. This rollerski is recommended for skiers above 140lbs. For skiers under 140lbs, the Swenor Carbonfiber would be a better fit. Comes stock with #2 (Slow) Wheels. Wheel Diameter: 70 mm Wheel Width: 45 mm Weight: 2150 g / pair Length: 730 mm
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