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New Cross Country Ski Equipment - Focused on finding the best fit for you

   We have everything you need to get started, complete your first Birkie, race your fastest Birkie, win the local Lapham Loppet, or simply enjoy a healthy outdoor winter activity. Our selection includes various levels of skate and classic (traditional) skis from the world's best ski manufacturers. We test every set of skis we sell because it is the best way to guarantee they will perform the way they were designed to. From selecting the best ski for the intended use to finding the ideal flex to match the skier's weight and experience level, we use fit to guide the process of finding the ideal equipment for you.

The fastest skis are not ideal for beginners looking for extra stability. In general, the faster a ski gets the more expensive it gets. Therefore, beginners do not necessarily get a better ski by spending more. That money is better spent on lessons, where the skier will gain confidence and efficiency - leading to a better experience. Faster skis will always be there when the skier decides he/she is outskiing the performance of their current skis and is looking for more.

Bindings, boots, and pole length are specific to the style of ski you choose. Keep this in mind when considering which style your family or friends do if you want to ski with them. It is possible to skate with someone skiing classic, but skating is a faster paced style on average. It is not recommended to mix equipment between the styles of cross country skiing. To enjoy both styles to the fullest, we recommend investing in two separate packages.