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Bikes in stock!

Our bike assembly team has recently added more bikes to the floor. Shipments continue arriving weekly. Some of the bikes have already been sold before delivery, and the rest of the bikes get released to open stock. We have a mix of kids bikes, hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, and e-bikes in stock. A little of everything!

More on the way, claim yours before it's spoken for!

Unsure of what size you need? Our certified bike fitters, Kyle and Maciej, are able to determine your size before it arrives.

Guide to Buying a New Bike in 2021 and 2022

Summer 2021 / Trailside Update

The bicycle industry experienced rapid growth in 2020 in large part due to Covid-19. Travel was limited, social gathering spots closed, and many people spent more time at home. We've always seen the bicycle as a vacation you can park in the garage and take for a ride any moment you wish. With fewer things to do, the world started to see bicycles the same way.

As an investment, bicycles make a lot of sense - offering countless opportunities to enjoy the freedom they provide with just a single purchase. For the abuse a bicycle puts up with, the cost of routine service is minimal compared to the experience of owning it over the years.

Now that things are beginning to reopen in the wake of 2020, many things are returning to normal. Sadly, this cannot be said for bicycle and component suppliers. Nearly all bikes and components remain difficult to obtain, and seem that they will continue to be the case in the foreseeable future.

Planning your purchase

High demand for bicycles has tested the supply chain for months, and bicycles continue to sell despite a shortage. Delivery dates are extending further into the future as backorders grow in size. Manufacturers allocate product as it becomes available to the next order in line. It's first-come-first-serve for everyone.

Planners are rewarded with a longer season of riding. So, how can you plan your purchase?

  1. Visit our store weeks/months before the day you intend to purchase a new bike.
  2. Do research at home on the manufacturer website and discuss the purchase with family/friends.
  3. Visit us shortly after your research so we can guide you further and discuss options in more detail.
  4. Be prepared to purchase on the spot because demand is high (we won't expect you to, but will encourage it).
  5. Companies will most likely not offer any sales rebates in 2021, so you can purchase a bike earlier with confidence that it won't go on sale at a later time.

How we are bringing bikes to you

Halfway through summer of 2020, we began preparing for 2021 due to estimated delivery times from manufacturers. Based on the demand for bikes that sold out everywhere, we ordered as many units we were allowed to have on backorder in preparation for another year of tight supply and high demand. We have continued backordering bikes as shipments arrive to maintain a steady flow of bikes to our store into the future. Bikes and components continue to be difficult to get our hands on, and we are beginning to see lead times into 2022, and some even into 2023. Thankfully, our staff has been working tirelessly to maintain a steady stock in our shop.