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Cross Country Ski Package Estimated Costs 

*Packages consist of skis, bindings, boots, and poles - all of the essential items to go cross country skiing

Touring Classic: $530 - 750

Recreational Classic: $750 - 1000 

Recreational Skate: $750 - 1000

Marathon Race Classic: $1000 - 2000

Marathon Race Skate: $1000 - 2000

Ski preparation costs

Hot box: $39.99 - penetrates and saturates the base with a very elastic wax creating a foundation to build upon with layers of glide wax

Glide wax (per layer): $35.99 - hydrocarbon based wax formulated to create slip-action and protect the ski base from drying out/oxidizing

*We recommend two layers of glide wax for new skis following a hot box for best setup