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Professional Bike Fit - The Best Bang for Your Buck

You bought a new bike, or new-to-you bike, and you've taken it out on a few rides. What is your body telling you?

Have you experienced any of the following while riding? We can help!

-numb hands

-numb feet

-knee pain

-sore back

-sore neck

-sore shoulders

-pain caused by the saddle

We like to dedicate our undivided attention to you during your bike fit, so we only perform personalized fitting services by appointment. Appointments can be made by calling the store 262-965-4144 or emailing our bike fitters: /

Appointments are charged at $100/hour. Components are billed separately.

Average session time:

15 minutes - slight discomfort that requires small adjustments without changing components to achieve proper fit

30 minutes - slight to moderate discomfort that requires small adjustments, coaching for posture, and/or changing component(s) size to achieve proper fit

1 hour (session limit) - moderate to high discomfort that requires changing component(s) size to achieve proper fit

What to bring to your fit appointment:


-Clothing you normally ride in

-Shoes you normally ride in



Why your bike fit matters

There is a big difference between the posture a rider can sustain for two minutes vs two hours. Our bodies vary greatly (they also change over time), and bikes can't be made to fit every rider out of the box. Customers are usually surprised at how many adjustments can be made on a bike. Every centimeter matters, and with so many boxes to check for proper fit it's nearly impossible for bike companies to equip their bikes to fit every rider perfectly. Some components have an adjustment range and don't require replacement to reposition the rider. Other components are fixed in nature and require replacement to reposition the rider. Our bike fitters explore all possibilities when suggesting changes to improve how the your bike fits you. Our approach is simple, we prefer to look at what's in front of us and apply scientifically proven knowledge to position each rider properly on their bike.

Sizing vs. Fitting

Although bicycles are delightfully simple, they are also impressively nuanced. They convert human power into motion and come in different shapes and sizes offering scalable various positions to create a consistent experience for everyone. As your local bike shop with expertise in fitting, sizing is included with every bike we sell, and fitting takes the approach to a much higher level. The difference between sizing and fitting comes down to a neutral base setup (sizing) and a highly personalized accommodation (fitting).


We help riders set their saddle height and position their knees properly over the pedals in a sizing, and occasionally will change the stem to make reach corrections if the need for that change is obvious and necessary from the get-go.

A fitting is performed after dozens or hundreds of miles have been ridden, and a rider comes to us with specific goals they would like to achieve. It can range from eliminating pain or discomfort to curiosity about getting more out of their body even though their current position doesn't give them any bother. When somebody comes to us for a fitting, we start with getting to know the history of them, their bike, and other things that could influence the session. We don't try to make everyone sit on their bike the same way. Rather, we look for every way to adapt their bike to meet them where they are and where their body subconsciously wants to be. For example, while considering saddle height, the range of motion from the hamstrings will influence force production and ankle stability through the bottom of the pedal stroke. Past and present injuries or body imbalances guide our process. 

Each session is unique to the rider and requires a look from a trained eye and communication between the fitter and rider to correctly identify and solve the unique challenges being faced. Our process sticks to a formula but is highly flexible to every individual's needs. We generally start with saddle height and cleat placement before moving on to knee position over the pedals. After positioning the saddle into the correct position, we're ready to determine if the saddle is the correct size and shape for the individual. After that, our focus switches to the reach to the handlebars and the torso angle with proper pelvic rotation. Occasionally, we will coach a rider into position to help them find the correct form, which helps us see the picture correctly. Pelvic rotation and alignment of the lower back to the shoulders are the most common corrections of form we make through coaching. With the rider in an anatomically correct position, we assess if the position is realistic for them to maintain. With the big moves made, we look to the hands and make all necessary adjustments for a natural grip on the bars.


Bike fitting can be the most productive and powerful hour of your cycling journey. We love finding solutions to the common, and uncommon, ailments that nag people on their bikes by offering a more enjoyable path forward. It could be life changing to get a bike fit.