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The building blocks of peak performance for Nordic skiing 

(why every skier benefits from going to a specialty retailer for equipment and service)

The margin between gold and silver at the olympics games can come down to .19 seconds, and at the 2018 Winter Olympics this was the winning difference for American skiers Jessie Diggins and Kikkan Randall ahead of the Swedish team of Charotte Kalla and Stina Nilsson in the Cross Country Women's Team Sprint. What can be credited to the victory? Well, to begin exploring the answer let's consider everything that goes into making it across the finish line...


Athlete - the skiers themselves


Amount of rest before competition

Quality of sleep before competition

Nutrient intake before competition

Training leading up to competition

Motivation during competition

Perseverance during competition

Performing to full potential (physical and technical ability)

Managing mistakes


Snow Conditions - the environment (same for all competitors)


Air temperature

Ground temperature



Particulates (debris)

Transformation during race day


Equipment - the skis


Flex matches skier's weight

Length is proportionate to skier's height

Bases are flat

Bases don't have scratches or divots

Base grind has been tested and proven for snow conditions present

Bases have been properly waxed

Manufacturer claims

*Each wax manufacturer claims to have the fastest wax

*Each ski manufacturer claims to have the fastest skis

*Each pole manufacturer claims to have the lightest/stiffest poles

*Each boot manufacturer claims to have the best boots

Athlete talent

Most of the podium worthy skiers can win with any proven brand as long as their equipment is properly fitted and serviced. The "fit" between athlete and sponsor contributes to performance in ways that are not quantifiable, but if all else is equal then this can be a differentiating factor pushing an athlete towards victory.

Why it matters to purchase from specialty retailers

Dedicated Nordic retailers will be aware of all of the factors that contribute to the best possible performance, or experience, a skier can have. The staff have training, experience, and knowledge to contribute to the unique needs of every skier they work with. Their product selection has been curated by people who ski themselves and have a working relationship with brand representatives who assist the retailer locally and from within the factory. When it comes to equipment, you can buy with confidence that every factor has been considered so that you get the most out of your investment. Specialty retailers are prepared to support your journey of cross country skiing as you progress, making your relationship with them truly life long.

Specialty retailers can service your equipment

We believe sales and service go hand in hand to deliver a one-stop-shop for our customer's Nordic skiing needs. Not only are we the place to purchase and acquire Nordic ski equipment, but we are also the place to bring it to for service. We can flatten bases and remove scratches and divots with specialty ski grinding machines. Our hot boxes are designed for batches of skis and circulate heat evenly to deliver maximum wax penetration to new bases or bases that have been grinded. Our techs are skilled working with many different brands of wax and are constantly testing new products on their own skis. We can mount bindings and brakes on your roller skis, cut your poles to the nearest millimeter, and outfit a pair of old skis with modern bindings. If there's something we haven't seen, we're going to research it and consult the manufacturer for best practices. We're not scared of doing things we haven't done before because we see them as opportunities for growth to become a better Nordic retailer for you.