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Professional Bicycle Tune-up / Assembly

Bicycles are safer to ride and operate smoother when they receive routine service. We offer free preventive service assessments to help you avoid costly repairs and stay on the road or trail as much as possible during the season. At a minimum, bicycles should be looked over by a professional once every 3 months during regular use and receive a complete tune-up 1-2 times per season. Sometimes a full tune-up isn't necessary when preventative service is performed within routine intervals. We will recommend a complete tune-up when the cost to service multiple components exceeds the cost of a complete tune-up, or when a bike requires deep cleaning combined with adjustment to improve its functionality. The tune-ups we offer have been curated to be comprehensive and cost effective for the many types of bikes that come in for service, and the various conditions they are in when they arrive.

Bicycles are more accessible than ever before. If you purchase a bike that ships to you in a box and requires assembly, we will assemble and adjust it for you. Bicycles are becoming increasingly more complex and require specific tools to assemble and adjust properly to prevent damage to the bike, and avoid putting the rider's health at risk. Improper use of the correct tools can also cause damage and put the rider at risk. We perform a comprehensive check-over during assembly to verify that no damage occurred during shipping and all of the necessary parts have been included. We go over all of the bolts to ensure they are torqued to recommended values, and adjust each component to operate within the manufacturer's specifications.

Level 1 Tune


Bike wash (frame and fork)

All bolts torqued to recommended values

Firmware updated (electronic shifting) 

Shift and brake adjustments

Cable entry and exit points lubed (mechanical shifting, braking)

Pivot points lubed

Level 2 Tune


Level 1 Tune plus:

Wheels cleaned and trued

Drivetrain deep cleaned and lubed

50% off wear item installation labor (parts billed separately)

Level 3 Tune


Level 2 Tune plus:

Wheel hubs overhauled

Bottom bracket overhauled

Headset overhauled

Bicycle Assembly

Includes check-over and tune

Basic bike $110

E-bike $160

Performance bike $200

Custom bike $300