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The Two Styles of Nordic Skiing


- Majority of classic skiing on groomed trails is in the tracks

- Touring is off track skiing using the classic technique

- Walking/Jogging/Running motion

- Less pressure on knees

- More comfortable for longer duration

- Easier to learn, harder to master

- Stride by pressing the ski down/kicking back and releasing to glide

- Ideal for newcomers renting skis to give cross country skiing a try


- For skiing on the skate deck, groomed for skating

- Off track skating is very difficult and not recommended

- Speed skating motion

- Smoother, but more pressure on knees

- Less time to exhaustion 

- Harder to learn, lessons recommended for first timers

- Stride by angling ski outward, transferring weight off of one ski and onto the other, pressing into the edge of the ski on harder snow

- Faster for flat and rolling terrain