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Dan LaBlanc, Owner of Kettle Moraine Adventure Company

Level 3 Ski Instructor --Nordic Ski (Skate & Classic), and Roller skiing


In his own words....

I’m sitting with Sheri, two doodles and two cats in front of the woodstove after stopping by the shop to talk. 

I thought more about our conversation and thought I’d share this on my history, and why I love teaching.  

My first experience with ski instruction and Professional Ski Instructors of America (PSIA) was in the late 70s when I took downhill lessons after getting my ass kicked in Colorado. That’s when I was introduced to professional ski instruction and learning progressions that made learning to ski possible for anyone, even me. Since I’m an “unnatural” athleteneed details to learn and a plan to figure stuff out. I taught downhill for a while and it was mind blowing. Later when I took up XC, I decided to take lessons from Dan Clausen in Minocqua and also worked with my mentor and friend, Dale Peters who was a Level 3 (highest level) Alpine and XC instructor.  

As I mentioned, in the mid to late 80’s skating was born and we all were in on developing equipment and technique. In the early 90’s I got frustrated with all the opinions out there on how to ski, I recalled my Alpine PSIA experience, and sought out PSIA instruction for XC to learn the truth.  

I got hooked and decided to pursue full certification, Level 3, and began attending clinics and taking exams. I spent about 10 years learning and in 2015 passed my L3 certification and started Kettle Moraine Adventure Company 

Now I teach full time all winter and get to share my love of skiing and a system for learning with hundreds of people.  

My greatest joy is sharing the beauty of dancing on skis with folks that are new to playing outside or, have previously thought of XC skiing as a hard and sweaty and pretty miserable thing to do.  I also love working with really passionate masters skiers, helping them refine their technique so they can maximize their effort.  

The beauty of skiing is the rhythm and flow from ski to ski. This dance is what glues technique together with fitness and creates beautiful skiing.  We too often think of XC skiing as a tough workout when it primarily is a beautiful dance.  

After 40 years of skiing and many years of teaching, I continue to learn. I feel that despite skiing being enormously technically complicated, skiing is really quite simple. I now say that the magic of skiing happens between the moments of effort.’ The ability to balance, relax, and glide on one ski is everything, and it’s a life quest. -Dan LaBlanc

About Dan

Dan has been skiing for over 30 years and has done A LOT of Birkie’s and other events.  Now, his passion is teaching and sharing his love of skiing.    

Whether you would like to tour or race, skate or stride, Dan can help you develop great technique.  A student himself, and a self-avowed ski nerd, he continues to attend PSIA clinics annually so that he can stay current with what’s going on in the world of skiing.  In addition to all the technical detail, Dan is passionate about skiing with relaxed, rhythmic flow. “It’s all about the dance!”


If you’re new to the sport, you will learn from the start how to glide and float rather than shuffle and struggle.  If you’re a veteran skier, do you know and USE all the different gears? Tons of folks don’t. Don't get stuck in the V1 or Shuffle Club, call Dan and DANCE all the way to Hayward!  Lessons are always relaxed, fun-filled, and encouraging.  



"I took three beginner's classes with Dan - classic, skate, and roller skiing - and truly enjoyed my experience of working with him. Dan's style is very supportive, patient, and encouraging and he has the ability to adjust the pace of the session based upon the skill level of the skier.  He also approaches his lessons from a foundational perspective and has many effective drills that build seamlessly upon one another.  Most importantly, though, my favorite part of learning from Dan is that his love and enthusiasm for cross country skiing is contagious.  He is able to convey the true joy of this sport in a way that is motivating for skiers of any skill level."   Marc - Chicago, IL