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The Local E-bike Community

There are so many different ways to use an e-bike, so we are featuring members of the community who live the e-bike lifestyle by sharing their story

Doug & Ruth

"Ruth and I took our Trek Allants out for a 9 mile spin yesterday afternoon and really enjoyed the ride.  I was concerned that she might have trouble with several hills we had to climb but they were a piece of cake for the e-bikes.  Its been about 10 years since Ruth has ridden with me because she hates going up hills.  These bikes have opened up a whole new way for us to get some exercise together!"


One of the greatest things bikes give us is freedom. And for many of us, the bike is the first feeling of freedom we experience - many years before the freedom of having a driver's license. The freedom that comes from a bike is much more invigorating for the body, mind, and soul. Not to mention, the benefits of a healthy lifestyle can truly be life enhancing. Sherry is re-experiencing the freedom of riding thanks to technology that offers the peace of mind that she has assistance if she needs it.

Sherry was formally diagnosed with cancer in 2020, which has forced her to take a couple steps back from serving her community as the captain of emergency medicine within the Town of Delafield Fire Department. Sherry embodies the definition of a hero, working as a medic, coordinating training, doing payroll reports/billings and payables, and teaching beginner EMT's at WCTC, in addition to being a fighter for her husband, Jim, and her kids and grandkids. With a great medical team surrounding her and a supportive family, Sherry is looking to expand her physical fitness capacity by riding an e-bike. The Oncology group she is working with has attributed her dedication to physical activity as a healthy factor having recently completed a PET scan that showed no "hot spots".

The decision to get an e-bike centered on freedom. Freedom to move with autonomy and be independent; to explore further without having to call for a ride.