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Custom Bike Assembly

They don't come pre-assembled this way, so you can build yours with any parts you want. We provide professional assembly, so you can dream it into reality without sweating that it's done right. Take a look through the process of assembling a modern road bike with hydraulic disc brakes, electronic shifting, and premium carbon fiber components. 

Rear brake installed and hose routed

Front brake installed and hose routed

Fork and headset installed with the stem clamped to hold it together

Handlebar installed

Shifters installed (in this case the metal band clamps were replaced with carbon band clamps per handlebar manufacturer instruction)

Brake hoses are connected to the shifter/brake lever body and a brake bleed is performed to remove air from the system

Rear derailleur is installed with a direct mount derailleur hanger

Electric shift wire is routed into the frame from the rear derailleur

Electric shift wire is zip tied to prevent rattling in the frame before being routed to the battery

Assembled in Dousman, Wisconsin

Crank installed

Shifting system is charged

Wheels mounted and brakes centered

Looking good so far, a few more things to do

The shifting system is hardwired together and connected to a device

Firmware is updated to the latest version

Chain is installed

Derailleur limits are set and index adjustments are made