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Bicycle Service Packages


"What sets them apart is their high level of expertise in all areas of cycling, nordic skiing, and roller skiing. The only sell the best product and see it as a priority that they only sell you something that they think is the right fit for you. Their positive attitudes present a comforting atmosphere like no other place I have been to.

From a service stand point they do their best to accommodate you on the spot if time allows!  They know how important it is to get you back on the road or trail.  So many times they are willing to make simple fixes/adjustments quickly and with a smile. They treat my son like gold when he comes in and takes interest in what they are doing.

Here is a picture of Shane dropping what he was doing to adjust my sons bike quickly. Shane is the man! He seems to always go above and beyond and follow through with all he says he will do in a timely manner."  -Eric