Bicycle Service Packages


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Basic Tune $99


Super Tune $180


Premium Tune $250


- Wheel Removal and True 

- Hub Adjustment 

- Front and Rear Brake Adjustment

- Front and Rear Derailleur Adjustment 

- Headset Adjustment 

- All Bolts Torqued to Specification

- Cables Lubricated 

- All Brake Pivots and Derailleurs Lubricated 

- Chain Lubricated 

- Frame Wipe Down 

Basic Tune Plus...

- Detailed Frame Clean 

- All Drivetrain Components Removed and Cleaned in an Ultra-Sonic Parts Cleaner 

* All Additional Labor Included

Super Tune Plus...

- Overhaul Bearings

- Replace All Cables and Housing

- Overhaul Hubs

- Any Other Major Overhauls that are Needed