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The 3D boot for all conditions of racing. 

Once again, Salomon brought exciting innovation to the ski trail.  

This model year, Salomon re-released their S/Lab Carbon Skate boot with transformative key changes. The entire boot has been built up from a 3D perspective, instead of the more traditional 2D layup, relieving pressure points around the ankle and heel from previous years while optimizing foothold. This new model features a re-engineered cuff and sole, both of which are designed to optimize stability and fit without compromising performance. 

Both the Carbon Loaded (as termed by Salomon) cuff and two-piece boot chassis have been redesigned to increase energy transmission and precision without losing the incredible light weight that made the previous model year of this boot a stand-out competitor. Moreover, the inner boot liner has also been redesigned with a “racing fit” to provide a second-skin feel, ensuring no slipping. The liner is also waterproof. Your feet stay warm and dry, even in wet conditions, and is rated for even the most extreme cold of temperatures. 

Tweaks to the S/Lab eSkin Classic that make a big difference.

Also from Salomon this year, the S/Lab Carbon eSkin Classic got some little tweaks that make a big difference. Salomon has added another carbon layer at the back of the ski to raise the ski’s camber slightly, and also improve recovery from a compressed state. This means a bonus boost of acceleration after the kick, lifting the skin off the snow faster, releasing pressure on the skin and reducing drag. Through engineering wizardry, Salomon has accomplished this without compromising the performance of the kick as well. The camber in the kick zone still allows for full pressure on the skin, providing a supple snow feel and high-performance propulsion. 

Salomon also took a page out of Rossignol’s and Fischer’s collective book, designing and integrating their own movable binding, the Prolink Shift, which allows the skier to change and optimize the kick performance to the snow and their skiing preferences.

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-Maxwell Dykowski