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Fischer Fischer Race Pro Skate IFP (NNN)
$89.99 $114.99 22% Off
Not sure what binding to buy? Give us a call: (262)-965-4144 or send us an email at New TURNAMIC® technology for more speed. The Race Pro Skate binding impresses with optimized performance when skating. Individual adjustments are possible within a matter of seconds without any tools. EASY - easy use The bindings quickly slide onto the plate without the use of tools. When it’s time to ski, the Turn Lock mechanism can be operated even with a gloved hand, making entry and exit easier than ever before. TUNABLE - tool-free adjustment Technique, temperature and snow composition all have an influence on ski performance: With all TURNAMIC® models, this completely tool free adjustment allows skiers to better match their individual needs. Sliding the system forward provides more stability, while sliding it back will noticeably improve glide. DYNAMIC - perfect skiing performance Thanks to the optimized setup of the boot-binding-plate-ski components, TURNAMIC® gives you dynamic skiing performance like never before. FLOWFLEX® technology enables the ski to flex freely. The optimum power transfer is the decisive argument for the racer.
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