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Rottafella Performance Skate

In order to satisfy an ever-increasing throng of leisure-time skiers who want to get more pleasure from their skiing activities, Rottefella has developed the Performance ski binding, with models adapted for both skating and classic style. The binding features a simple, user-friendly opening and… [more]

Rottafella Xcelerator 2.0 Classic

Xcelerator Skate and Classic is a new generation nordic ski bindings. New technology allows for greater speed and enhances the skiing experience. An R&D focus on new materials has reduced weight and added strength to our best racing binding, which really makes a difference in the forward movement… [more]

Salomon SNS Pilot Carbon RS2

SNS Pilot Carbon RS2 Skate Bindings offer a high level of performance and are lightweight for racing and training. The close-to-the-ski design maximizes efficient transmission and good snow feel. [more]

Rottafella Xcelerator Pro Skate

Optimize your skating performance with Xcelerator Pro Skate, the binding designed to enable you to skate better and faster and realize your full skating potential. The wide housing gives you optimal transmission of power from boot to ski and great balance in every kick. [more]

4 Results