Nordic Skis

Fischer Spirit Crown My Style
Who says that technology can't come in an attractive package? Under the attractive design lies the appropriate technology package for easygoing hours on the track! The Air Channel core makes the ski pleasantly light and resistant to breaking while Easy Kick Crown enables proven, safe climbing.
Fischer CRS Skate
$189.99 $254.99 25% Savings
New: the special Power Layer on the CRS Skate means huge weight reduction. And this is something that any skier will noticeably feel. After all, recreational skiers also rightly expect the best of their equipment!
Fischer CRS Classic VASA
$199.99 $229.99 13% Savings
The lightweight, stable CRS Classic Vasa NIS Cross-Country Skis are great entry-level race or fitness skis with easy kicking properties for fun days on the groomed trails of your local Nordic center. *bindings not included*
Fischer Ultralite Crown EF
$199.99 $239.99 17% Savings
Athletic recreational skiers who are looking for more will find this ski with Vario Crown and improved finish convincing: new Efficient Forward technology ensures a forgiving kick action and an easygoing skiing experience. This ski guarantees sheer enjoyment out on the track. *bindings not included*
Rossignol Zymax Classic NIS AR
$199.99 $229.99 13% Savings
The ZYMAX CLASSIC AR is a waxless, recreational performance classic ski designed for fitness-oriented skiers. A new lightweight construction reduces weight by 50 grams while the thinner core profile delivers a softer, more user-friendly flex at the tip and tail. Featuring Active Cap construction, Low Density Core and Extended Edge technology, the lightweight Zymax Classic AR delivers powerful and precise performance. The specialized kick zone delivers maximum grip and allows an easier kick. The waxless AR Plus base delivers the perfect balance between glide and drive in all snow conditions.
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